Below, a selection of my work.

Investigative Reporting

In Puerto Rico, an Epidemic of Domestic Violence Hides in Plain Sight


Meet the Young Joe Biden Stans

The Millennial Jews Taking on ICE

Is Statehood Next for Puerto Rico? It’s Complicated.

How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Obsession-Worthy Instagram Is Changing The Game

Life, Interrupted: The Invisible Scars Hurricane Maria Has Left On The Women Of Puerto Rico

Reporting on Politics and Social Issues

Many Single Moms Face a Little-Known Tax Penalty. It Could Cut Them Off From the Full $3,600 Child Tax Credit.

How Abortion Ends Without Overturning Roe v. Wade

Why a Third of Latinos Still Plan to Vote for Trump

How the Anti-Squad Trolled Its Way to Congress

Why Can’t the GOP Elect Women to Office?

How AOC Became the Boogeywoman of the 2020 Election

Sex Workers’ Rights Are Officially a Mainstream Political Issue


The Real Reason Millennials Are So Burned Out

The White Nationalist Education of Stephen Miller

The Case for Banning Politicians From Social Media

America’s Abuse of Migrant Children Will Have Centurieslong Consequences

John Delaney Would Like You to Know He’s Still Running for President

‘The Undocumented Americans’ Is the Immigration Punk Manifesto We Need Today

Interactive Projects

I Need An Abortion — Now What?: An Indispensable Guide To Laws, Waiting Periods & Restrictions By State


I Grew Up in a U.S. Colony. I Will Never Take Voting for Granted.

Americans Have Never Cared About Puerto Rico

What Joe Biden Did May Not Have Been Harassment — But That Doesn’t Mean It’s Okay

Elizabeth Warren Is A Policy Heavyweight. The Media Is More Interested In Rockstars.

“This Is America, Speak English”: Latinas On The Fear Of Speaking Spanish In Public

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